Sinus Surgery (One Year Update)

Unfortunately, I can’t call mission accomplished. It has been more than a year since I went under the knife (err chisel).  Before anybody sees this as a reason not to get the procedure done, let me be clear: I am far better than I was before.

The problem is that I am still congested at night. Interestingly, almost all of the problem is in the right side. Before it was the left. The congestion is better than it was, but still obnoxious enough to interfere with my sleeping. While I suffered complete blockage before, I would say that I have half blockage now. My ENT and I have tried several medicines in an attempt to head off a second round of surgery. While the results are better than before, they still don’t work well.

A second CT scan showed the problem. My deviated septum was straightened from intruding into the left side. When this happened, it decreased the space in the left side. My Doctor’s work to shrink the turbinates wasn’t aggressive enough on the right. We decided together that the best option was to go in for a second round or surgery. Luckily, we decided this while there was still time to get in before my insurance deductible recycled.

The recommendation was to have a “sub surface” mucosal resection. In short, he goes inside the mucosal tissue of the turbinate and removes tissue but more importantly causes scarring inside the turbinate. The effect of this is that the turbinate is slightly smaller than before and cannot swell due to the internal scarring. While this sounds invasive, he promised that it is really not very invasive. Because all of the work happens inside the mucous tissue it heals quickly and results in little pain.

< Sinus Surgery (3 weeks) | Sinus Surgery (Round 2 — Sub Surface Mucosal Resectioning) >


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