Sinus Surgery (Days 7-10)

8 Days Post Surgery7 Days Post Surgery

I started bleeding again last night.  It was worse this time.  It went right around the packing he added after yesterday’s cauterization.  I did eventually manage to get it stopped.

I set up an appointment to go back into Dr. Dawson.  He poked around again and couldn’t figure out which area had been bleeding and couldn’t find any obvious contenders for more cauterization.

Very apologetically, he said that he would have to completely pack that side with gauze just like it was right after surgery.  He also said that this sort if thing happens very rarely.  I went home with a packed left sinus.

8 Days Post Surgery

I got almost no sleep.  My right sinus is flowing 49% of normal air.  It turns out it takes 50% in order to sleep comfortably.  It was another night of mouth breathing.

Other than that, I can say I feel great.  For a person who doesn’t have unusual bleeding problems, I can anticipate that a week after surgery they would be feeling right as rain.  Everything is still a bit swollen and tender, but I’m no longer bleeding and feel pretty much normal.

I went back to work today too.  I am a little worn down, but I’m able to get things done.

9 Days Post Surgery

Need Sleep.  My right side has completely rebelled and decided that it wants to swell closed.  4 days without sleep…  Is this what it’s like to have children?  I can’t blame it.  I’ve been trying to use it for 100& of my oxygen intake needs.  It is probably just inflamed.

I went in to Dr. Dawson’s office to have the packing removed.  It came out easily, but it was still a strange feeling.  He vacuumed out both sides again and said that everything is healing up nicely.  Some of the cauterizations are still angry.  He put some Polysporin on them and used a little dissolvable gauze for protection.  He was able to place the gauze in such a way that I can still breath around it.

10 Days Post Surgery

I slept 10 hours last night.  Both sides are wide open and happy.  No bleeding.  I feel fantastic!

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