Sinus Surgery (Day 6)

6 Days Post Surgery

I never did manage to get the bloody nose under control yesterday.  I would get it stopped by packing my nose with gauze, but the bleeding would start again minutes after I removed the packing.  Luckily, it was down near the tip where I could keep it under control.  Any higher up and I would have had to go into the ER or urgent care — it was the weekend.

I spent a pretty miserable night with one nostril packed.  The other side decided to go rogue and get all congested and swollen.  I didn’t get much sleep.

This morning I called Dr. Dawson’s office and was told to come in.  He poked around with his scope looking for the offending spot.  It looks like one of his incisions broke open.

He pulled out the silver nitrate sticks and got to work.  Even though he had hit the whole are with Lidocaine, it hurt like heck.  By far that has been the most painful part of the whole ordeal.  Imagine rubbing habanero peppers inside your nose.

I went home with big manly tears welling up.  On the bright side, he said that it is perfectly normal to suffer continued congestion after the surgery for 2-3 weeks.  I’m bummed it isn’t instant relief, but I’m relieved that everything is on track.

Mostly due to lack of sleep I took another day off work.  Luckily my job primarily consists of wading through emails.  That sort of thing is just as easy to do at home loaded on Vicodin. What? No. We can’t stop here. This is bat country.

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